Grey County

The Niagara Escarpment's unique landscape is at the heart of many of Grey County's natural attractions. The Escarpment provides splendid panoramic vistas for hikers and climbers.  

The natural vegetation is admired by botanists from all over and is vibrant with colour in spring, summer and especially fall, the heights and ruggedness is appreciated by adventure sports enthusiasts.

Visitors can enjoy hiking along 250 km of the Bruce Trail in Grey County. Rock climbing on “Old Baldy” and Metcalfe Rock in the Town of the Blue Mountains are also popular pursuits. (Please see the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority for climbing permits.)

Rolling, glacially sculpted farmlands are interspersed with patches of deciduous forest, meandering rivers and creek valleys lined in dark green cedar. The rural countryside is dotted with farming homesteads not greatly changed in over a century. Sheep and cattle graze on rich pastureland; fields of golden wheat and green corn ripen in the long days of summer. The Beaver Valley has a unique microclimate which makes it particularly suitable for growing apples. Grey County grows more apples than any other county in Ontario.  

Most of the world's population of Hart's-tongue fern is located in Grey‘s forests. Look for its flat, blade-like leaves on shaded talus slopes, in mossy ravines and in moist, rocky Escarpment forests.

Grey County’s Escarpment scenic lookouts include:  

Colpoy's Bay Lookout

For a breathtaking view over Georgian Bay, overlooking the Bruce County portion of the Niagara Escarpment follow Grey Road 1 from Owen Sound. The location is just east of Wiarton. Parking area provided. Closed in the winter season.  

Skinners Bluff Lookout

For a spectacular view of rural landscapes and Georgian Bay this is the spot to bring your camera. Located northeast of Wiarton, 455.3 hectares atop the Niagara Escarpment, accessible off Grey County Road 26.  

Kemble Mountain Lookout

Heading towards Big Bay, just outside Kemble is an impressive lookout at the top of the mountain that overlooks rural Kemble and Georgian Bay. At the stop sign in Kemble go straight and follow Kemble Rock Road.

Centennial Tower

For a magnificent view of the City of Owen Sound and the harbour this is a must stop. Heading South towards Highway 6 & 10, exiting the City of Owen Sound on the right hand side of the Highway is a parking area and access point to Centennial Tower.

Irish Mountain Lookout

Picturesque Georgian Bay and the rolling countryside below filled with apple orchards is the view from atop Irish Mountain. This lookout can be reached by turning off Highway 26, heading north on County Road 112 before Meaford. There is a parking area and picnic pavillion on site.

Epping Lookout

This lookout is best viewed in the fall season when all the leaves in the valley are vibrant reds & golds. Epping Lookout is situated in the heart of and overlooks the Beaver Valley which boasts fall splendor all of its own. This lookout can be accessed off Grey County Road 7, north of Kimberley.

Old Baldy Lookout

Upon reaching the brow of the Niagara Escarpment, which at this point rises 152 metres above the Beaver Valley, the view takes your breath away! This location can be accessed off Grey County Road 13 just outside Kimberley, east side of the road on Grey Highlands Road.  

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