Bruce County

With 955 km of shoreline along Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, Bruce County is known for its beautiful and unique beaches. Sauble Beach, a traditional sand beach, was voted the number one beach in Ontario in May 2002 and declared one of the top ten beaches in Canada in 2004. Further north up the peninsula, shale and large rock beaches dominate the Escarpment landscape at Cabot Head and Lion’s Head.

Bruce County is also known for the rich diversity of flora unique to this region of Ontario; 37 types of orchids are celebrated at “Orchid Fest.” The Bruce peninsula’s dramatic shoreline is dotted with lighthouses, large and small, evidence of the importance of lake transportation. Four of the six famous "imperial" lighthouses are here, constructed of dolomite limestone and granite. Most of the other lighthouses are of frame construction with the signature red tower housing the light at the tip.

Renowned for its picturesque rock pillars, Flowerpot Island is the only island in Bruce County’s Fathom Five National Marine Park with facilities for the public. There are docks, a picnic shelter, washrooms and a beautiful system of hiking trails. For those visitors wanting to enjoy the true solitude of the island, there are also six campsites overlooking the waters of Beachy Cove. From May to mid-October, weather permitting, tour boats cross to the island from Little Tub Harbour in Tobermory.  

Bruce Peninsula National Park is a 136 sq. km. park that protects a rugged limestone landscape and one of the largest remaining tracts of forest in Southern Ontario. The National Park's main attraction is the spectacular 20 km. ribbon of Niagara Escarpment cliff, which runs along the deepest part of Georgian Bay.  

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