Niagara Escarpment Plan (NEP)

The Niagara Escarpment Plan is composed of a purpose statement and objectives, three parts, two appendices and Maps 1-10.  

The NEP was published in June, 2005 and was last updated on October 25, 2012.

The June, 2005 version and the most recent update including the latest Plan Amendments are available below, along with smaller sections of the NEP for quick downloading.

The Niagara Escarpment Plan includes policies for seven land-use designations (Natural, Protection, Rural, Recreation, Urban, Minor Urban and Mineral Resource Extraction), provides development criteria and establishes objectives for the Niagara Escarpment Parks System as 141 parks and protected areas.

Full Versions:

Niagara Escarpment Plan with latest Plan Amendments (Text-only, updated March 20th, 2017)
Plan d'aménagement de l'escarpement du Niagara  CODIFICATION MINISTÉRIELLE Le 21 février 2014

Niagara Escarpment Plan (June, 2005) 

Plan d'amenagement de l'escarpement du Niagara (2005)  

NEP Sections:


Index; Purpose & Objectives  

Part One  

Land Use Policies  

Part Two

Development Criteria  

Part Three

Niagara Escarpment Parks and Open Space System  

Appendices Two, Three and Four

Residential Heritage Properties Listing
Nature Preserve Properties Listing  

Notes & Photo Credits


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